Extended Discussion

by PyInfamous

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Extended Discussion is the second project from PyInfamous and Sam.I.Am.


released April 1, 2010

J. Thompson, S. Hillmon


all rights reserved


Track Name: One Take
One Take Lyrics:
Written by Jason “PyInfamous” Thompson

We can’t atone for wrongs, so I write for rights.
Therefore, you couldn’t have known what our life was like.
The land we couldn’t own was swapped twice at a price
That’s half what we were owed. You thought it was alright.
And then, maybe it was, but I ain’t here to accept
A check for reparations. I checked the reservations,
And less than one percent of the original claim
Was given to the Native people of American fame.
And I am speaking the truth, so I don’t care what you say.
Trust, I will do the same ‘til I am carried away
By six of my closest. I stick to my holsters
While cowards tend to split like mitosis.
The ‘Sip is my office. I’m working around the whole state.
Plus I manage to travel to show them the flow’s great.
I am pro black, but I tell it both ways
‘Cause we do have to accept a little bit of the blame.
A villain is a villain ‘til a villain will change,
So be a brother with wealth, not a villain with change.
And we all have bills. Are you willing to pay?
Where there’s a will, there’s a way, if you’re willing to wait.
There’s no debating. The bait is the weight that we are waiting to hold
In our weight of the gold. It’s our way to console all of the pain we chose not to express.
Success is the ultimate goal. The definition is this:
Whatever road we road to get it on we own.
Ain’t nothing wrong with wrongs to get right. You’re wrong.
Who would have known? They told us it’s alright
To sleep through the day and play the corner all night.
Complete tooth decay on the owners of the pipe.
You see the news today? Another donor on the right
Got left to suppress the need for more cells
When the brother got killed in our version of hell.
The cops don’t care. Ain’t a person to tell
When they’re saying “Don’t Snitch.” What a way to excel.
Our chances remain slim from the weight that they sell.
The weather’s better, but we couldn’t get away from the hail.
Rain is painful when bullets lodge.
We are not victims of drive-bys, but it hurts when we’re outside
With no slicker to pick up the drops.
Villains are figures of speech. Pictures aren’t totally concrete.
More abstract, labrats. We know the science of the projects,
But we rely on the objects that we can see. Capisce?
And that excludes your American dreams.
We’re barely American carrying very extreme
Points of view. Joints conclude and start ciphers
To take you on trips – professional Palm Pilot.
We don’t acknowledge Congressional part-liars,
Part snake oil purveyors. We don’t like it.
So we impeach those within reach with votes
Of thumbs down like Caesar. I’m sure that will please the crowd.
We take it to the Maximus in the South.
We are roaming (Roman) in the Greece where they are frying the trout.
Preparing the last supper in the glass upper room
Where the floor is the ceiling for the not-so-well-to-do.
Look I got those rails for you to build tracks that move bodies by telling the truth.
And it’s never all pretty or something you want to hear,
But we didn’t create it. We just made it what it is.
A little more bearable, when it was all terrible.
Disciples of the streets – these are our parables.
The rifle’s in our reach. I hope it isn’t scaring you,
But to show it differently just wouldn’t be fair.
‘Cause we’re not all shucking and jiving.
Brothers ducking and diving cause our mindset is stuck on surviving.
I see it everywhere I go. It’s nothing surprising.
That’s why I’m building a team of brothers to ride with.
I’m not sure how we got off track, but we react so the streets can take hip-hop back!

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